По повод 25 години участие на България в ISSP и 15 години в семейството на ESS, нашите международните партньори споделиха вижданията си за приноса ни към двете престижни международни програми. Ето някои от тях:

Senior Fellow Tom Smith, Chicago University, USA
Director of NORC"s Center for the Study of Politics and
Director of the General Social Survey (GSS) since 1980 - one
of NORC"s most visible projects and one of the USA most
heavily utilized datasets
Co-founder and former Secretary General of the
International Social Survey Program (ISSP)


The Agency for Social Analyses (ASA) in Bulgaria is celebrating its 25th anniversary
in 2019. There are abundant reasons for celebration since ASA has made major
contributions to the social sciences in Bulgaria and beyond. The ASA"s global
contributions have come mainly from its participation in important cross-national
surveys such as the International Social Survey Program (ISSP) and the European
Social Survey (ESS). Lilia Dimova started Bulgaria"s participation in the ISSP by
conducting its 1992 Social Inequality and 1993 Environment studies at the
Institute for Trade Union Social Research. When she founded the ASA in 1994, the
ISSP in Bulgaria continued under its auspices. In 2014 the ASA become co-founder
and key member of a Consortium aiming to guarantee country’s participation in
the ISSP and ESS. Altogether Bulgaria has carried out 20 ISSP studies, including the
latest in 2018 on Religion, as well as 5 ESS modules – all project funded. Due to its
contribution to both prestige programmes Bulgaria is well recognized and highly
respected by international social science community. The long, ISSP series both
places Bulgarian society in comparative perspective and studies societal change in
Bulgaria since on the ISSP studies topics and individual measures are regularly
replicated, usually at 10-year intervals. As co-founder of the ISSP, I have attended
many ISSP meetings with Dr. Dimova and have personally observed her strong
commitment to advancing the social sciences in general and contributing to the
ISSP in particular. It is only through the dedications of scholars like her that the
ISSP has grown and thrived. I thank her and her colleagues at ASA for their longterm
and continuing contributions to the ISSP and the ESS.

©Agency for Social Analyses, 2019